Thursday, February 16, 2012

Recycle in Your Garden

Everyone with a yard wants theirs to look as beautiful as possible. The problem is that most people believe that a beautiful garden means they have to spend a small fortune. The truth is that you could have the prettiest little garden of your dreams without spending an arm and a leg if you start to incorporate frugal garden tips into your repertoire. One of these frugal tips is to recycle

There are a wide variety of things that cost little to no money which you can use to spruce up the appearance of your garden. For example, you can get an old newspaper, shred it into strips and place at the bottom of containers and plant pots to retain the moisture. This is an especially great tip for the summer if you do not have the time that you would like to dedicate to your yard. This way you ensure that your plants stay alive even if you forget to water them once in awhile. Newspapers can also be a great barrier against weeds. When you read your weekend newspapers, rather than throwing them away, save them for future use in your garden.

Recycling can come in many forms. If you renovate a bathroom in your home, consider using the old sink as a display feature in your yard. You can add flowers to create a unique garden display that everyone will marvel at. it's definitely worthwhile thinking about how all the things that you throw away may be able to be used in your garden before you actually throw them away and help save environment.

There really very few things that you can't recycle to spruce up an unloved garden if you are willing to use your imagination. There are plenty of websites on the Internet that can give you ideas on how to recycle stuff in your garden to create a nicer looking yard.

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