Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Put Online Calculators to Good Use

We could all use a helping hand when it comes to improving money management. The problem is that such assistance, usually in the form of books and advice, tends to cost money. Luckily the World Wide Web offers an array of free information and tools at your disposal in the pursuit of perfected personal finance. In addition to blogs such as the one you are reading right now, online calculators are particularly helpful in your journey toward economic enlightenment.

Virtually every avenue of personal finance has an online calculator to go along with it. When organizing a plan for credit card repayment, why not run it through the Federal Reserve repayment calculator first to see just how much interest you will end up paying? Find yourself in the middle of salary negotiations with a new employer? Gain the upper hand with a cost-of-living calculator.

There also exist online calculators that help you lower your energy bills, as well as for finding the most fuel efficient automobile in your price range. With oil prices expected to explode this summer, very few people can afford to not care about saving on energy costs in the coming months. Otherwise you may be forced to use credit cards in order to afford getting to and from work. As far as smart personal finances go, this is a no-no.

But don’t forget about student loan repayment calculators, retirement calculators, cost-of-smoking calculators, and websites that estimate the likely cost of raising a child in a particular region. There are countless calculators available for free online just waiting to be used. If you’re serious about improving your personal finances, then there is no reason why you shouldn't have these handy tools bookmarked.

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